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Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

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  • Cheryl Strayed

    Cheryl Strayed is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Wild, the host of the New York Times podcast “Sugar Calling” and also “Dear Sugars,” which she co-hosted with Steve Almond, and for many years the voice of “Dear Sugar,” the popular advice column at The Rumpus. With empathy ...

  • Frans de Waal

    Frans B. M. de Waal is a Dutch/American biologist and primatologist known for his work on the behavior and social intelligence of primates, whose latest research concerns empathy and cooperation, inequity aversion and social cognition in chimpanzees, bonobos and other species. His career, particu...

  • Jackie Acho

    Jackie Acho founded The Acho Group, a strategy and leadership consulting firm, in 2005. She has worked for technology, industrial, academic, nonprofit, and economic development clients on a variety of issues, with particular focus on growth and innovation, strategy, and leadership development for...