Interfaith Lecture Series

Interfaith Lecture Series

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The Interfaith Lecture Series is designed to present issues that impact the lived experience of everyday life from theological, religious, spiritual, ethical, and humanitarian perspectives.

About Chautauqua Institution: Chautauqua Institution is a community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York state that comes alive each summer with a unique mix of fine and performing arts, lectures, interfaith worship and programs, and recreational activities. As a community, we celebrate, encourage and study the arts and treat them as integral to all of learning, and we convene the critical conversations of the day to advance understanding through civil dialogue. CHQ Assembly is the online expression of Chautauqua Institution's mission.

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Interfaith Lecture Series
  • Israel-Palestine 2020: One State Remains the Problem & Two States the Solution

    Episode 1

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday, August 26, 2020.

    Jeremy Ben-Ami provides an update on Israeli-Palestinian relations and details how peace is possible.

    "I believe that if we will it and we work at it, such a future is no dream."

    Ben-Ami is the president of J Street and has deep...

  • Palestine: Hope at Times of Despair?!

    Episode 2

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Tuesday, August 25, 2020.

    The Rev. Mitri Raheb will share his vision for his fellow Palestinians to not only survive but thrive.

    "The future will not come unless we work tirelessly to this build this future,"

    Raheb is co-founder of Bright Stars of Bethleh...

  • The World We Need – Belonging in Beloved Community

    Episode 3

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Monday, August 24, 2020.

    Minerva G. Carcaño begins the final week of the Interfaith Lecture Series.

    "I believe we must agree to treat one another with respect and human dignity,"

    Carcaño is bishop of the California-Nevada Conference of the United Methodis...

  • Interfaith Friday: “The Creation Story & Humanity’s Homework: A Jewish Take”

    Episode 4

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, August 21, 2020.

    Rabbi Sid Schwarz continues the Interfaith Friday Series from the Jewish perspective.

    Schwarz, a social entrepreneur, author and teacher, is currently a Senior Fellow at Hazon, a national organization based in New York. Schwarz found...

  • Interfaith Friday: Sufism

    Episode 5

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, August 14, 2020.

    Kainat Felicia Norton and Muinuddin Charles Smith continue Interfaith Fridays from a Sufi perspective.

    Norton and Smith are senior Sufi teachers, retreat guides, and interfaith ministers within the Inayati Sufi Order. Together they fo...

  • Be in This World As If You Are a Traveler

    Episode 6

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, August 13, 2020.

    Dr. Ingrid Mattson looks at Islamic interfaith relations and studies.

    Mattson is a Muslim religious leader, a scholar of Islamic Studies, and an expert in interfaith relations. Since 2012 she has held the London and Windsor Communi...

  • Quiet Voices, Important Truths: Life Lessons From the Native Way

    Episode 7

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

    Dr. Kent Nerburn looks to bridge the gap between Native and non-Native cultures.

    Nerburn is the author and editor of sixteen books on spiritual values and Native American themes, including the ground breaking creative non-fiction t...

  • Interfaith Friday: Orthodox Judaism

    Episode 8

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, August 7, 2020.

    Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller closes a week on education and teaching religion.

    Seidler-Feller, executive director of the Yitzhak Rabin Hillel Center for Jewish Life at UCLA, recently celebrated his fortieth year of working with students a...

  • From Church Stories to Obituaries, Journalists Need Religious Literacy

    Episode 9

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, August 6, 2020.

    Ari Goldman discusses education of religion and how it’s covered in the news.

    Goldman, director of the school’s Scripps Howard Program in Religion, Journalism, and the Spiritual Life, has taught at the Colombia Journalism School since...

  • Religious Literacy in Public Schools: Embracing Complexity and Tension

    Episode 10

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Tuesday, August 4, 2020.

    Benjamin Marcus on religious literacy and the intersection of religious constructs in society.

    Marcus is the religious literacy specialist with the Religious Freedom Center of the Freedom Forum Institute, where he examines the interse...

  • Interfaith Friday – Progressive Christianity

    Episode 11

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, July 24, 2020.

    Lisa Sharon Harper and Freedom Road are working toward a more just world.

    Harper is the founder and president of Freedom Road, a groundbreaking consulting group that crafts experiences that bring common understanding and common commitme...

  • Tool, Partner, or Surrogate: How Autonomous Should Our Technology Be?

    Episode 12

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 23, 2020.

    Noreen Herzfeld brings a significant breadth of wisdom and perspective to the topic of ethics in a tech world.

    Herzfeld is the Nicholas and Bernice Reuter Professor of Science and Religion at St. John’s University and the College of S...

  • Interfaith Friday: Buddhism

    Episode 13

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, July 17, 2020.

    Eryl and Wayman Kubicka dissect Buddhist meditation, something they have practiced for decades.

    “The mind is basically silent and we rarely touch that.” - Eryl Kubicka.

    Both Eryl and Wayman have been teachers of Buddhist meditation i...

  • Navigating Culture and Faith Through Art

    Episode 14

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Thursday, July 16, 2020.

    Azzah Sultan on using her art as a tool to disassemble stigmas and stereotypes of Muslim people.

    “What does it mean to be Muslim in America?”

    Sultan is a celebrated artist, having received her BFA from Parsons School of Design, and ...

  • Interfaith Friday: Elements of Religious Naturalism

    Episode 15

    Originally broadcast at 2 p.m. EDT Friday, July 3, 2020.

    Chautauqua’s Bishop Gene Robinson hosts a practical conversation with Michael Hogue about Religious Naturalism.

    Hogue details how his belief system, Religious Naturalism, is not “anti-religion” while having a different take on the conce...