Spend A "Slow TV" Hour On The Grounds of Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua Institution is a community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York state that comes alive each summer with a unique mix of fine and performing arts, lectures, interfaith worship and programs, and recreational activities. As a community, we celebrate, encourage and study the arts and treat them as integral to all of learning, and we convene the critical conversations of the day to advance understanding through civil dialogue. Learn more at www.chq.org

  • Bestor Plaza

    Spend an hour sitting on Bestor Plaza, the town square of Chautauqua Institution. With a view of the plaza fountain and the Smith Memorial Library, it is a favorite place to gather, relax, enjoy a quiet lunch, or read a book.

    Chautauqua Institution is a community on the shores of Chautauqua Lake...

  • Chautauqua Lakefront

    Spend an hour on the shore with a view of the Purple Martins and Chautauqua Institution's Miller Belltower.

    The Miller Bell Tower presides over the lake as a Chautauqua icon and has done much in its singular way to represent and promote the Institution — just as did the man it memorializes.


  • Hall of Philosophy

    Spend a hour sitting in the grove with a view of the Hall of Philosophy.

    Reminiscent of an early Greek temple with its stone-like columns, open walls, and heavy-timber roof, the original Hall of Philosophy was designed by Chautauqua co-founder Bishop John Heyl Vincent for the Chautauqua Literary...

  • Thunder Bridge

    Sit alongside Thunder Bridge and listen as the wind blows through the leaves and the occasional bike rumbles past.

  • Athenaeum Porch

    Spend an hour on the Athenaeum Hotel Porch looking out over Chautauqua Lake.

    The Athenaeum Hotel was established 1881. Throughout Chautauqua Institution’s summer season, Athenaeum Hotel guests are inspired by a variety of learning, recreational and entertainment programs that are all part of the...