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Bianca Jones Marlin

The Human Brain: Our Greatest Mystery
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  • Mirabai Starr

    Mirabai Starr, who has lived her life immersed in the world of spirituality, will provide the perfect voice and insight to complete the week’s focus on The Human Soul: Our Ineffable Mystery.
    An award-winning author of creative non-fiction and contemporary translations of sacred literature, Mirab...

  • Rev. Lynn Casteel Harper - Thursday

    Lynn Casteel Harper is a minister, chaplain, and writer. Author of On Vanishing (Catapult, April 2020), a nonfiction book that explores the dimensions of spirituality, social justice, and dementia, Lynn received a Barbara Deming Fund grant for women writers for the project.

    Lynn’s work has app...

  • Nita Farahany

    At the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence lies a wealth of opportunity for business, labor, and society at large. Yet along with progress comes a host of ethical dilemmas. As a leading scholar and neuro-ethicist, Nita Farahany considers what our neurological information is w...